Enterprise Licensing
On-Premise, Self-Service: Client-Hosted, Client-Administered

For organizations with full in-house deployment and implementation preferences, StrategixEPM Enterprise Licensing enables server-hosting, software implementation, data storage, and day-to-day System application administration and use conducted by the client end-user and its personnel.
  • Servers: sited/installed at client end-user facilities
  • Software: StrategixEPM™ installed and deployed on client-sited servers
  • System Administration: StrategixEPM™ implemented and administered day-to-day by End-User personnel
  • Incentive & Scorecard Production: Performed by client End-User personnel
  • Source Data Integration: Data is client-submitted to client-internal secure FTP site
  • Reporting: Web-based end-user interface accessed via client-enabled access
“With Enterprise Licensing, we manage it all in-house: facilities, hardware, software, our data, and the application. Strategix provided comprehensive training, and continues to provide expert end-user support to our in-house application administrators and DBAs.”
Senior Vice President
Commercial Bank

Enterprise Licensing is ideal for enterprises of large size (any number of plans, any number of participants)
that prefer to:
  • In-House the acquisition and deployment of required system hardware and servers.
  • In-House the management of the software, database, and network peripherals.
  • In-House the recruitment, training and retention of application administrator personnel.
  • In-House day-to-day management and administration of the application.
  • In-House source data integration management and processing.
  • In-House day-to-day calculation of incentive results and production of end-user reporting.
  • In-House end-user security role administration.
  • Client administrators retain full access to source data auditing, FTP site, and all reporting.

Strategix Performance is a pioneer and leader in incentive automation and performance management solutions. We’ve provided our services to thousands of sites at hundreds of organizations over more than two decades.

For information on StrategixEPMEnterprise Licensing capabilities, please contact us.
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