Full-Service Outsourcing
On-Demand, Full-Service: Strategix-Hosted, Strategix-Administered

For organizations with strong outsourcing preferences, StrategixEPMFull-Service Outsourcing provides server hosting, software implementation and full day-to-day System administration entirely by Strategix, including:
  • Servers: sited/installed in Strategix’s SAS-70 audited and PCI-Compliant Data Center
  • Software: StrategixEPM™ installed and deployed on Strategix-sited servers
  • System Administration: StrategixEPM™ implemented and administered day-to-day by Strategix personnel
  • Incentive & Scorecard Production: Performed by Strategix personnel on pre-agreed schedule
  • Source Data Integration: Data is client-submitted to secure FTP site via secure VPN connection
  • Reporting: Web-based end-user interface accessed via secure VPN connection with Strategix
“Full-Service Outsourcing provides it all: facilities, hardware, software, security, administration and production. All we do is provide the source data, and in a few days we have live on-screen performance scorecards and incentive results.”
EVP & Chief Operating Officer
Merchant Services ISO

Full-Service Outsourcing is ideal for enterprises of all size (any number of plans, any number of participants)
that prefer to:
  • Outsource acquisition and deployment of required system hardware and servers.
  • Outsource management of the software, database, and network peripherals.
  • Outsource the recruitment, training and retention of application administrator personnel.
  • Outsource day-to-day management and administration of the application.
  • Outsource source data integration management and processing.
  • Outsource day-to-day calculation of incentive results and production of end-user reporting.
  • Outsource end-user security role administration.
  • Client administrators retain full access to source data auditing, FTP site, and all reporting.

Strategix Performance is a pioneer and leader in Full-Service Outsourcing: we’ve provided this service for hundreds
of thousands of participants, at hundreds of organizations, over more than two decades. Full-Service Outsourcing is extraordinarily secure, stable, reliable, consistent and cost-effective.

For a demonstration of StrategixEPMFull-Service Outsourcing capabilities, please contact us.
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