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Did you know that over half of the employees of most businesses don’t know how their firms make money? That between 40% and 60% of most incentive budgets are wasted? That most incentive plans are constrained by automation and source data deficiencies? And, that there are twenty essential rules of designing optimally successful workforce, customer and partner performance improvement and incentive plans?

“Compared to others, Strategix innovations and ideas rate in the top 1%.”
SVP Sales & Service Support
$90 Billion Asset Bank
March 1998

In serving the needs of its incentive automation clients over the past 25+ years, Strategix has implemented over three thousand incentive and recognition plans designed by outside consultants. This unrivaled experience has shown clearly which programs work, and which don’t; and, it has provided the foundation for our design and development of best-of-breed employee performance incentive programs that work, both in the short- and long-run.

In parallel to the capabilities of its StrategixEPM™ SPM/ICM software, Strategix can assist you in the design and implementation of incentive and recognition plans for:
  • Sales activities, results, volumes, revenues, mix, distributions
  • Referral activities and results, intra- and inter-business unit
  • Customer service, satisfaction, and loyalty
  • Portfolio/relationship penetration, profitability, and retention
  • Service resolution activities and results, error rates, time-to-resolution
  • Quality and accuracy
  • Productivity and efficiency; project-to-completion
  • Business unit profitability; Management-By-Objectives (MBO)
  • Equity compensation
  • Merit pay programs
  • Annual performance evaluation
  • By employee, team, office, function, business unit, market/territory enterprise
  • Individual and team
  • Front-office and back-office
  • Executive and staff
  • Cash- and Non-Cash-based programs
  • Week, Month, Quarter, Year-to-date, Annual
  • % Revenue, % Sales, % Goal, % Base, % Pool, % Value, $ Profit, and more

Our incentive plans are optimally effective because they address the essential elements of what the workforce needs to be achieving, and can be simply and comprehensively automated so reports and results are timely and accurate.
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