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Strategix Performance is a true founding innovator in — and longest serving provider of — Sales Performance (SPM), Variable Compensation (VCM), and Enterprise Incentive Compensation Management (ICM) automation solutions and implementation services.

Our greatest achievements, and the sole measure of our success or notoriety, are the extraordinary successes experienced by our clients, as validated by them and independent assessments. These include unprecedented sales and revenue growth; dramatic improvements in customer service, loyalty and relationship profitability; beyond expectation quality, service support, and productivity advances; and exceptional improvements in workforce loyalty, morale, achievement, and retention.

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Strategix has served thousands of business units at over four hundred organizations, implemented over three thousand incentive and variable compensation plans with over 30,000 different performance scorecards, to enable millions of participant payees to achieve success.


Strategix Performance, Inc., is privately-held and has experienced over 25 consecutive years of success and growth.

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Strategix Performance, Inc.
480 East 400 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84111
Phone: (801) 363-7267
Fax: (801) 363-7269


Reflecting our focus on client success, Strategix Performance has been recognized by a range of independent and unbiased industry authorities, analysts and member groups representing specific end-user clients or broader end-user communities. Recent recognition has been received from IDC, Montgomery Media, The Tower Group, CUNA Technology Council, Ventana Research and USBanker.
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