Business Intelligence
Transform Passive Data Into Actionable Performance Information

Business Intelligence is the process and software tools used to analyze performance results, and the insight and knowledge gained to guide management and workforce performance behaviors, activities and initiatives.

As documented by major analyst firms, emerging challenges with off-the-shelf business intelligence software include fragmentation of data collection and analysis, and no direct linkage to performance management and incentive compensation, resulting in a dis-integration of strategy execution.

The reason is that fragmented business intelligence alone results in passive outcomes: performance changes and behavior modifications are rarely executed. To be relevant and effective, business intelligence needs to natively link to performance management and workforce incentive calculation capabilities.

StrategixEPM provides that functionality, and enables robust Business Intelligence by making it:
  • Actionable: Links consolidated data with performance analysis and incentive plan results
  • Faster: Real-time, same-day, next-day results, via enterprise-wide on-line reports
  • Precise: Drill-down to individual participant performance results, roll-up to full hierarchy results

StrategixEPM™ delivers fully-customizable individual participant and business unit automated Performance Scorecards, dynamically linked to unlimited back-office source data systems, provides real-time integration of staff-level performance activity execution with manager-level performance assessment, evaluation, coaching, and planning. And, includes a full range of graphic and “executive dashboard” reporting.

StrategixEPM™ Business Intelligence capabilities include:
  • Comprehensive Performance Source Data Integration – Data Feeds and Data Flows
  • Exception Data Resolution Management
  • Metrics and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Management
  • Administrator Real-time On-line Reporting Access Management
  • Participant, Manager and Business Unit Real-time On-line Reporting
  • Scorecard, Dashboard, Summary, Audit, Trend, Ranking and Cross-Tab Reports
  • Special Report and Data Export Management: Export to spreadsheets, databases, BI systems, files
  • Open Database for External Query Analysis / Database Analysis

StrategixEPM is a robust, precise and detailed solution for Business Intelligence, with an unparalleled track-record of results. Over a quarter-century history, millions of performance analysis reports have been produced with StrategixEPM™, at hundreds of thousands of sites, at hundreds of enterprises.

The Value and Benefits of StrategixEPM™ Business Intelligence:
  • One of the most powerful systems in the world,
  • Supported by the most experienced team in the business.
  • Continuity, reliability, and expertise: tens of thousands of source data systems integrated
  • Fastest implementation and deployment
  • Field-proven best-of-breed processes, resources, and workflows

For a demonstration of StrategixEPM™ Business Intelligence capabilities, please contact us.
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