Data Integration
Unlimited Source Data Consolidation & Aggregation

To enable an infinite range of variable compensation, incentive and performance management plans, StrategixEPM aggregates and integrates a limitless range of compensation plan-enabling source data. Data about:
  • Customers, relationships, portfolios, transactions, demographics and accounts.
  • Employees, participants, payees, goals, histories and profiles.
  • Business units, hierarchies, channels, territories, service processes, goals and objectives.
  • Products, services, value streams and valuation tiers.
  • Sales transactions, sales production, and revenue generation.
  • Financial, G/L, and accounting transactions.
  • Equity plan grants and awards.
  • Sales activities, opportunities, and referrals made and sold.
  • Productivity, efficiency, quality and accuracy.
  • Costs, allocations and distributions.
  • Assessments, projects, ratios, ratings, surveys, percentages.
  • Merit awards, and more.

…and myriad other user-defined criteria, are consolidated into a single data store for performance
management, incentive plan automation, reporting, analytics and scorecarding.

If it can be quantified, it can be integrated by StrategixEPM™.

StrategixEPM™ aggregates source data from an unlimited range of first-, second-, and third-party data sources, including:
  • CRM, sales force automation and relationship management systems.
  • HRIS, talent management and payroll systems.
  • ERP, General Ledger, accounting and business intelligence systems.
  • Production and platform systems.
  • Point of sale systems.
  • Data warehouse systems.
  • Customer information systems.
  • Supply chain management systems.
  • Marketing, address and satisfaction survey systems.
  • Peer Group performance analytics.
  • Spreadsheets and proprietary databases.
  • Fully enables web-based real-time on-screen input and edit of manual/spreadsheet data.

Easy export of System data to external databases, spreadsheets, and other applications enables unlimited end-user defined analysis capabilities.

Since 1983, Strategix has aggregated and integrated performance data from thousands of source systems, and our proprietary solutions are fast, accurate, and cost-effective.

For a demonstration of StrategixEPM™ Source Data Integration capabilities, contact us.
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