Incentives Everywhere™
Automate All Incentive & Variable Compensation

For most organizations today, with automated accounting, financial management and customer relationship management systems in place, dedicated variable compensation and incentive automation solutions are the
next essential requirement. The strategic forces driving these initiatives include:
  • The competitive necessity to optimally align workforce strategy execution and improve enterprise results
  • The market requirement to compete successfully for top-tier talent acquisition and retention
  • The strategic priority to successfully acquire and retain optimally profitable customer and partner relationships
  • The regulatory obligation to comply with emerging compliance and audit requirements

Industry experts such as Gartner Group, Ventana Research, BPM Partners, Tower Group, Montgomery Research, Financial Insights, IDC and scores of business publications, consultants and analysts concur: automating workforce incentive/variable compensation plans and performance management improves workforce morale and retention, saves money, accelerates performance feedback, improves regulatory compliance, and most importantly, results in achievement of goals and objectives.

In fact, incentive automation is one of the most cost-effective and revenue-productive initiatives organizations can conduct, often producing ROI’s in excess of 2,000%.

Incentive and performance management must work with the same velocity, reliability, responsiveness and usability
as other automated processes. Gone are the days of homegrown database and spreadsheet-based accounting, ERP
and CRM systems, and gone are the days of homegrown database and spreadsheet-based incentive management.
Emerging now is the obsolescence of employee- and sales-only incentive automation solutions: top-performing enterprises need Incentives Everywhere™.

Going far beyond just sales-based incentives, StrategixEPM delivers an unrivaled range of incentive and recognition pay-out methods, at all organization hierarchy levels, for both front- and back-office sales, service and support personnel, for both customers and partners, in mixed combinations of goals, metrics/KPIs, pay-outs, timing, and individual vs. group distributions.

StrategixEPM™ Variable Compensation and Incentive Automation capabilities include:
  • Plan Development, Prototyping, and Piloting
  • Plan Documentation
  • Source Data Integration – Data Feeds and Data Flows
  • Exception Data Resolution Management
  • Workforce Participant and Organization Hierarchy Management
  • Performance Scorecard Management
  • Metrics and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Management
  • Quota, Goal and Objectives Management
  • “What-If” Performance and Incentive Scenario Forecasting
  • Cash, Non-Cash, Points, Credits, Revenue, and Value Measure Management
  • Individuals, Team, and Override Earnings Calculations
  • Payment and Payout Rules Management
  • Payroll System Integration Management
  • Administrator Real-time On-line Reporting Access Management
  • Workforce Participant and Manager Real-time On-line Reporting Access Management
  • Special Report and Data Export Management
  • Incentive Result Dispute Resolution, Documentation, and Reporting
  • Audit Compliance Validation Support
  • Full-scale automation of both Customer and Channel Partner incentive/reward programs

StrategixEPM is an unparalleled world-class solution for Incentive Automation, and has been on the market longer than any other system. Over a quarter-century history, millions of incentive results and reports have been produced with StrategixEPM™, at hundreds of thousands of sites, at hundreds of enterprises.

The Value and Benefits of StrategixEPM™ Variable Compensation & Incentive Automation:
  • One of the most powerful systems in the world,
  • Supported by the most experienced team in the business.
  • Continuity, reliability, and expertise: thousands of plans implemented
  • Fastest implementation and deployment
  • Field-proven best-of-breed processes, resources, and workflows

For a demonstration of StrategixEPM™ Variable Compensation & Incentive Automation capabilities, please contact us.
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