Performance Matters
Strategy Execution. Actionable Results. Goal Achievement.

There are many definitions for Performance Management today: it means different things to different leaders.
To some, it means analyzing previous-period results for insights on how to improve them. To many, Performance
Management has unfortunately become a passive, reactive and often too generalized effort, with little or no direct
or timely impact on management and workforce performance behaviors, activities and initiatives.

StrategixEPM takes Performance Management to the next level by making it:
  • Faster & Proactive: Timely and accurate performance results, for individuals up to enterprise-wide.
  • Precise & Comprehensive: Drill-down to individual Scorecards; Roll-up to enterprise rankings and trends.
  • Actionable & Relevant: The information to identify and improve behaviors, tactics and strategy execution.

StrategixEPM™ enables Sales Performance Management (SPM), Relationship Performance Management (RPM), Business Activity Management (BAM), Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), Workforce Performance Management (WPM), and KPI / Metric Management from the top of and across your organization hierarchy all the way to individual participants, customers and partners: each provided with timely, precise, relevant, and goal-specific browser-based Performance Scorecard reports.

StrategixEPM™ makes Performance Management not just analytical and retrospective, but actionable and proactive, and includes:
  • Sales Performance Management and Tracking
  • Referral Management
  • Service Issue Resolution Tracking
  • Opportunity, Prospect and Relationship Management Tracking
  • Participant/Workforce/Employee Management
  • Organization Hierarchy Management
  • Performance Scorecard Management
  • Metrics and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Management
  • Incentive, Commission, Bonus, and Reward Program Automation
  • Quota, Goal and Objectives Management
  • Territory and Channel Management
  • Data and Transaction Management
  • Customer Relationship Account, Transaction and Profile Management
  • Discrepancy/Dispute Resolution Management
  • Cash, Non-Cash, Points, Credits, Revenue, and Value Measure Management
  • Individuals, Teams, Customers, Channel Partners, and Override Earnings Calculations
  • Participant and Management Real-time On-line Reporting

With StrategixEPM™, field managers have infinite capabilities to monitor up-to-the-moment changes in individual participant status, including KPI/metric/goal assignments, performance plans, training histories, coaching logs, performance evaluations, user security rights, and specific performance results. Powerful custom reporting enables users to pre-define custom forms for storage of key user-specific information.

StrategixEPM is an unparalleled world-class solution for Performance Management, and has been on the market longer than any other system. Over a quarter-century history, millions of performance result reports have been produced with StrategixEPM™, at hundreds of thousands of sites, at hundreds of enterprises.

The Value and Benefits of StrategixEPM™ Performance Management:
  • One of the most powerful systems in the world,
  • Supported by the most experienced team in the business.
  • Continuity, reliability, and expertise: thousands of plans implemented
  • Fastest implementation and deployment
  • Field-proven best-of-breed processes, resources, and workflows

For a demonstration of StrategixEPM™ Performance Management capabilities, please contact us.
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