Total Relationship Management™
Campaign, Prospect, Refer, Sell, Serve, Retain and Profit

For enterprises that serve customers with diverse product and service requirements, across a range of disparate multi-dimensional business units, even with otherwise non-integrated systems, the StrategixEPM™ system provides a uniquely powerful Total Relationship Management solution.

StrategixEPM™ connects the workforce, and channel partners, across diverse business unit silos, and enables fully-coordinated enterprise-wide customer relationship sales and service management:
  • Lists and Data: Upload and automatically de-duplicate "lead lists" from any external sources.
  • Campaigns: Pre-define outreach campaigns; and select, save and re-use target prospect lists.
  • Opportunities: Distribute and assign leads and opportunities to the sales and service force.
  • Referrals: Create, route, manage, and reward incentives for unit-to-unit referrals.
  • Sales: Pipeline management, sales onboarding, cross-sales and sales compensation.
  • Service: Create, route, resolve, manage and reward incentives for customer service issues.
  • Accounts and Transactions: Input and edit debit/credit transactions, view full account statements.
  • Relationships: Assign managers and manage full customer profiles and account histories.
  • Incentives and Commissions: Reward and recognition for all elements across these processes.

"With the StrategixEPM™ solution, we'll be able to enable a real end-to-end process for our employees and partners to sell and serve our customers. Across our geographies, across our different operating units, across our various core platforms and service channels, everyone frontline and back-office will be able to see and use a universal view of our prospect and customer relationships. The impact on customer acquisition, satisfaction and retention will be a huge competitive advantage for us."
CEO & President
Consumer Services Provider

StrategixEPM™ is an unparalleled world-class solution for Total Relationship Management: one of the first of its kind in the world. Over a decade-and-a-half history, millions of prospects and customers have been served with the System, at hundreds of thousands of sites, at hundreds of enterprises.

The Value and Benefits of StrategixEPM™ Total Relationship Management:
  • True multi-dimensional enterprise-wide scope and scale.
  • One of the most powerful and flexible systems in the world.
  • Supported by the one of the most experienced teams in the business.
  • Continuity, reliability, and expertise.
  • Fastest implementation and deployment.
  • Field-proven best-of-breed processes, resources, and workflows.

For additional information, or to schedule a demonstration, please contact us.
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